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Wolf and lamb
Can’t we all just get along? It’s called coexistence.

WHAT is it that so appeals to us about implausible animal cooperation? We humans seem to have a great hunger for the wolf to dwell with the lamb. Is this a vision of paradise? An alternative to our deep-seated fear that we are all either predator or prey? Whatever is at work, it is evident that we find stories of interspecies relationships deeply satisfying.    [Sarah Ellis]

 In memory of Alan Slifka

AMERICAN businessman and philanthropist Alan B. Slifka funded the first printed issue of Coexist Magazine and continued to support the website up to his death in February 2011 at the age of 81.  Slifka, a passionate advocate of the coexistence ideal, had earlier founded The Coexistence Initiative.

Together with sociologist Eugene Wiener, Slifka in 1989 co-founded The Abraham Fund Initiatives, named for the common ancestor of Arabs and Jews, and remained chairman of the organization from the start. This was the first nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering coexistence between Israel’s Arab and Jewish citizens, funded by a substantial annual grant for joint community projects.

Arab Israelis attend a work-experience programk experience
An initiative funded by the Abraham Fund – Arab Israelis attend a program for women without work experience, to gain skills that would enable them to join the job market. (Image: Abraham Fund)

The Slifka Program on Intercommunal Coexistence at Brandeis University which he created in 2001, seeks to build professional expertise and creative leadership in the field of coexistence and offers a master’s degree in coexistence and conflict. In recognition of his work with The Abraham Fund Initiatives, Slifka was awarded the Knesset Prize for Coexistence in 2000. Brandeis awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2003.

Alan Slifka, a native of Manhattan, was a New York investor and philanthropist. As well as co-founding the Abraham Fund, he was founding chairman of the Big Apple Circus.


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